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Portable Vibrating Cooling & Heating Massage Cushion

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This cooling and warming massaging cushion are ideal for use in your home, office, or car. It provides complete back coverage with a cooling option with 5 fan speeds, a vibrating massage setting, and a heated lower back option. Easy to use and remote control operated.


  • Seat surface of the massage mat
  • The back surface of the massage mat w/ controller
  • Main adapter
  • Car adapter
  • Manual 


  • Versatile Massaging Vibration System - designed with 3D Spacer Mesh Fabric that allows air circulation throughout your massage to soothe tired, achy, and sore body parts. The MT massager uses breakthrough vibration technology to soothe, de-stress and re-energize with the Heat Therapy AND Cooling Functions.
  • Portable & Lightweight - At less than 5lbs you can easily take the massager anywhere for maximum enjoyment. Works on chairs, sofas, in your bedroom, and even your car! Tailor your experience with the touch of a button by choosing your desired heat, intensity, and direction on the massage cushion.
  • Ergonomic Detachable Design: for different needs allowing the flexibility to use the back cover and seat cover separately or combine them for complete coverage. Create your perfect combination of massage styles.
  • No Recharge Time -The massager comes with a power cord and an A/C adapter that can easily be plugged into your outlets around your home and in your car. This means no recharge time, no waiting, and maximum portability. An automatic Timer that turns off after 15 minutes plus the automatic overheat protection provides additional safety and security.
  • Exclusive Medic Therapeutics Product: Medic Therapeutics is an exclusive brand to ShopHQ that brings cutting-edge technology at great value prices.


  • Cooling Option - 5 Fan Speed Settings
  • Heated Lower Back Option
  • Easy to Use
  • Remote Control Operated
  • Flexible Holding Straps - Fits Most Seats
  • Car Adapter Included
  • Ideal Use for Office, Car, Home
  • Complete Back Coverage

Disclaimer: The device is intended to be used for massaging and for warming the lower back. The device also has a cooling function. It is used for relaxation and is not a replacement for the medically required treatment. Do not use the device in rooms containing easily ignitable or explosive substances. Never operate the device in the vicinity of a gas source. Keep the device and accessories away from fire and other heat sources. Only use the device if you have no physical illnesses or ailments! The danger of suffocation! Keep children and animals away from the packaging material. Danger of strangulation! Make sure that the connecting cable is always kept out of the reach of small children and animals. The danger of tripping! Make sure that the connecting cable does not present a trip hazard. Never stand on the device. Do not use the device before going to bed. The massage has a stimulating effect, which may lead to problems getting to sleep.


View manual here

PLEASE NOTE: Do not use the device while driving a motor vehicle. Unwind the connecting cable fully before use. The massage mat must not be folded up or covered when it is switched on. Do not place the controller and the connecting cable on or under the massage mat during operation.

  • 1. Join together the seat surface (8) and a back surface (1) using the hook and loop fastener.
  • 2. Plug together the connecting cables (9) of the two surfaces.
  • 3. Place the massage mat on the seat and fix it in place there with its fastening straps. To secure it to a car seat, the seat surface also has two rubber loops which can be placed around the adjusting wheels for the backrest of the car seat.
  • 4. Connect the coaxial connector of the main adapter or car adapter to the socket of the device.
  • 5. Plug the main adapter into an easily accessible plug socket or plug the car adapter into the cigarette lighter of the vehicle.
  • 6. Sit down on the massage mat and lean back.
  • 7. Start the ignition if using the device in a vehicle.
  • 8. Press the I/O button (12) to activate the massage mat. The vibration and also the heating or cooling function can then be switched on: - Start and stop the vibration by pressing the button (13). Various types of vibrations are sequenced after the start.- To activate the two-level heating function press the button (15). Press once for high heat. Press twice for low heat. Press a third time to turn the heating function off.- If the button (14) is pressed once, the cooling switches on at the highest level. There are five cooling levels. Each further press of the button switches the cooling to a lower level until it is switched off entirely.- NOTE: The heating and cooling functions cannot be switched on at the same time. The vibration and heating function is automatically switched off after 30 minutes of constant operation.
  • 9. After use, press the I/O button to switch the device off completely.
  • 10. Pull the main adapter out of the plug socket or pull the car adapter out of the cigarette lighter.
  • 11. Allow the device to cool down if the heating function was activated before it is stored away (see the "Cleaning and Storage" chapter).

Care Instructions: When storing it away, do not press the massage mat together too strongly and do not use any force. It could be damaged. Do not use any sharp or abrasive cleaning agents or cleaning pads for cleaning. These may damage the surfaces. Make sure that the massage mat is not connected to the main power. Wipe down the massage mat and the controller (5) with a damp cloth. Then dry it with a soft cloth or allow it to dry in the air. Loosely fold up the massage mat and place it together with the controller in the associated packaging. Store the device in a cool, dry place that is protected from direct sunlight and is out of the reach of children and animals. Do not place any objects on the folded massage mat, so that it is not compressed.